Here at BestOf Productions we’re huge fans of Belgian audiovisual wizards Mostra, purveyors of audiovisual excellence to the EU Institutions. This blog is a celebration – indeed, a worshipful consecration – of their Art, to serve as inspiration to not only fellow audiovisual professionals in Brussels, but indeed to filmmakers the world over.

In fact, why stop there? We believe that the quality of this small company’s films could indeed inspire leaders in politics, business, science and even sport. Angela Merkel should watch these films to get tips for convincing German taxpayers to bail out Greeks. Nicholas Sarkozy should watch and learn about the importance of the free movement of people to the European Union. And if David Cameron would only show these works of art to the Eurosceptics in his party, they would surely clamour to repeal Britain’s rebate to the EU budget.

Hence our dedication to spreading the word about this underservedly little-known group of artists. Please help.

BoP (BestOf Productions)


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