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EU’s Enlargement Video: Tarantino Watch Out!

I for one cannot understand it. How could DG Enlargement withdraw this work of beauty?

I mean, what’s not to like?

It’s such a brilliant video – every second is magical, the direction is superb, the special effects extrordinary, and it is just so original.

Fancy getting inspired by Quentin Tarantino! I bet nobody’s ever thought of doing that before.

And we can only hope that – like the original Kill Bill, which came in two volumes – we will be treated to a sequel!

I for one can’t want!

It’s so scintillatingly brilliant, in fact, that it almost seems unfair to try and single out the best moment – but, come on, let’s try!

My personal favourite was the way those multicultural types threatening the Fair White European Beauty (and what an actress! So expressive!) actually disappear just before the EU flag envelopes them in its serene, unruffled cloak, settling gently down over them like a starry blue shroud.

Such a perfect metaphor for how Europe, like some benevolent elder Brother, is harmonising our culture for the greater good, don’t you think?

What was your favourite moment? Let me know via the comments!

A unanimous reaction

Incredibly, some people didn’t like it. Perplexed, I decided to collect a few of the main criticisms together to try and understand how this could be possible. In the end, I only  a tiny percentage of the 496,000 Google results in English, so if I missed any, let me know via the comments.

As their venomous, ignorant attacks make clear, there still exist some poor misguided souls Out There, beyond Brussels, who don’t understand what the EU is about. I sure am sorry for them:

Is the EU’s latest propaganda video racist? (Daily Telegraph, UK)

Just what is the EU doing making this video? Accusations of racism over ‘propaganda’ film showing white woman facing ethnic minority ‘attackers‘ (Daily Mail, UK)

Viral gaffe: EU enlargement ad pulled in racism row (Storyful)

EU withdraws ‘racist’ video clip (BBC)

Anti-racism group criticises ‘bizarre’ EU enlargement ad (The Journal, Ireland)

Another European Fantasy Abandoned (National Review, US)

European Commission’s racist Street Fighter ad (Shanghaiist, China)

European commission criticised for ‘racist’ ad (Guardian, UK)

Video: “Madness … more gibberish than racist … a terrible, terrible ad … Misconceived … Pointless …” says advertising expert (BBC TV, UK)

The EU takes on the world (and then doesn’t) (FT Brussels Blog, UK)

Finally, an hommage from an anonymous artist, surely destined for greatness (maybe could get a job at Mostra!):

Support EU Art!

Remember, somewhere in Belgium is a director who has been hurt and upset by the above outpouring of ignorant bigotry. So, if you like this video and the message it sends, show it some love in the comments!